Amy McArthur Photography: Blog en-us (C) Amy McArthur Photography (Amy McArthur Photography) Mon, 16 Mar 2020 07:27:00 GMT Mon, 16 Mar 2020 07:27:00 GMT Amy McArthur Photography: Blog 84 120 Family: The Poe's Canola has taken Lincoln County by storm, and its breathtaking!  The only thing that makes it better, is placing a farmer and his family in it, and taking a whole lot of pictures. 

I've been in a few canola fields the past three years, and this one by far was the tallest.  It was like walking through a cornfield.  We should have been carrying white flags on a stick to help find each other.  I may or may not have lost my ladder in it.  And if it weren't for the tallest farmer in Lincoln county, it wouldn't have been discovered until harvest.

The Poe family has given me the opportunity to catch glimpses into their world through my lens over the past few years, and I've so enjoyed watching the kids grow and their personalities develop. It's a gift to begin to sense the comfort and ease they are beginning to feel around the small black box connected to the front of my face, freezing time forever.  


Ryan and Marlene are excellent parents to these two, and this family unit is a fun one to be around.

Adding a couple fun relatives to the mix always takes the family photo session adventure to the next level of fun. If you have the pleasure of knowing Miss Sheila, you know there's rarely a dull moment when this lady is around. 






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Riana: Class of 2019 Meet Riana...

This girl loves being a Wildcat and is soaking up every bit of her Senior year.  


From the first shot to the last, Riana was a delight to work with.  She is a natural in front of the camera and consequently will have way too many pictures choose from.  Not a bad problem to have! 

I enjoyed every minute of our time together, but  I was most looking forward to the last part of our session.  Riana is a dancer, and this was my first time working creatively with dance for a senior session.

She could'nt have chosen a better spot to take this pictures.  

The rustic backdrop of the old Govan School House was perfect.  

As I said before, Riana was at ease and a natural in front of the camera, but as soon as she slipped into her dance outfit and laced up her ballet shoes, it was evident that this is where she feels alive.  Doing what she loves to do.  

Day to day will change for you Riana, but in that, don't forget to do the things that make you feel alive.  It may not always be dance, but don't forget what this feels like.  Life is to short to not enjoy the gifts that have been given.  



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Jacob: Class of 2019 Right before my time with Jacob, we weren't quite sure what the weather had in store. Thankfully, the rain stayed away and we had some fun "texture in the sky" to shoot with.

Sunny fall Sunday afternoons are a favorite of mine. And adding a quick senior session with a busy farm boy makes sunny fall afternoons even better!

Jacob is one hard working guy and the farm is his heartbeat.  It's where he's at home and I'm glad we were able to capture him in a place that reflects the man he is becoming.

Thank for the opportunity to capture a few pictures of this chapter in your life, Jacob.  Your session was a fun way to end the weekend!

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Family:: The Jenness's This family makes me giddy.

I brought the camera, and these two brought the energy!

After an already eventful morning filled with flag football, Amy and Chris were up for an adventure in Sunset Orchard at Green Bluff for a fall family session. 

These two covered the entire orchard quickly. We shot from the Apple Orchard, to the Christmas tree farm to the pumpkins and finished up in the pears.   So. Much. Fun...  So. Much. Energy!!

Raising two, healthy, energetic, competitive and active boys is no easy feat!  Amy gets not only her cardio, but her strength training in just as soon as she sets her feet on the floor in the morning.  If you happen to run into this gal on the streets, go grab her a coffee, she's earned it!

Chris and Amy make a great team and are fun to watch in action.  Thanks so much for adventuring around the orchard with me, it was a perfect way to end the day.  Enjoy your fall Jenness Family!  



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Family:: The Seibolds Its been a couple years since I've taken pictures for my little sister and her adorable family, in fact I believe the last time, my nephew was just a cute bump in Karen's belly...

Its time for some new pictures on her wall!

These two have made some pretty cute kids and It's clear that "love abides" in this home.

This was such a fun shoot!  We spent the evening at my parents house, roped my dad into playing my assistant... job requirements: Making sure the area was clear of rattlesnakes, and help in keeping focused attention in the direction of the photographer.

These two love their grandpa, so that wasn't a hard job.  

Everyone needs a grandkids loving, rattlesnake hunting, cattle ranchin' grandpa in their life.  It makes photo session evenings, easy, peasy.

Thanks for a fun evening Karen and Rick, lets do it again soon!


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Family:: The McCalls

My first memory of meeting Natasha, was in the Pre-K pick up line.  My first born and her sweet Madison are in the same class and we were both missing our kiddos.  Two things I noticed immediately, 

1.  This lady loves her kids....

Not in that annoying, "my kids could never do anything wrong" type. Rather the "I'll do anything to give them a future filled with hope and promise"...the "I'm going to be your biggest fan type of love."  And I'm pretty sure when you look up the definition of "Mama Bear," the face of Natasha pops up on the screen.  

The second thing I noticed...

This man right here is her rock.  

They do life together.  Because, there is no other way.  

I'm in awe every time I get to hear bits and pieces of their story, and thankful I get to be a small part of it as their friend.  

This family is crazy about each other.  The commitment Darren and Natasha have lived toward each other is evident in their kid's lives. Their kids see the certainty of their parents sacrificial love and it is giving them a foundation of a hopeful future.  

Keep it up, you two.  

And yes, I want an invite to your 20th anniversary vowel renewal on an island somewhere.  We can take all the pictures you want! How's that for an unashamed plug.  ;-) 


I'm so thankful that this girl reached out for friendship and I reached back.  Actually, I'm not sure who reached first, but I do know this friendship has given me much to be thankful for!   Maybe someday I'll do a food blog....( Bleh! I never thought I'd say that!!!) about how she single handedly gave me the strength and ability to feed my family something other than popcorn, lasagna, and roast beef.

My family is ever indebted to you, dear friend!









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Quinn:: Class of 2019 Referrals are how I built my business and I continue to be not only thankful for them, but the wonderful, sincere, and kind people I am introduced to through them...

Meet Quinn!

My husband joined me as my super talented assistant for this senior session and I cannot say enough about the great time we both had with Quinn and his family.  Who says you can't mix business with pleasure?  This session ranks up there as one of my favorites.

Thankfully the smoke from all the August fires had dissipated, allowing us to use the breathtaking view from their backyard. 

Quinn's family are sports enthusiasts and Quinn happens to be one talented athlete.  (One more reason my husband had a great time hanging out with them!)  Standing in front of the camera may not have been the first choice, or most natural place for Quinn to be, but as soon as he was handed a mitt or a ball,  I could see the excitement and ease settle in, as he imagined he has taking his position on the field or the court; and it made our time together as natural and easy as breathing.

This guy made my weekend.  I knew when I came home, I would have some pretty fun shots to download from my camera, that not only reflected the passion and talent Quinn has, but also a glimpse of the man his parents have worked so hard to raise him to be.

 Well done mom and dad.

Thanks for such a fun evening Quinn, you were a blast to work with!


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Griffyn This guy was such a sport to be up for spending his 18th birthday with me and my camera.


Once again, I'm sure there where about eight thousand other things he would prefer to be doing, including helping with the laundry, but he made the most of it and we had a great time together!

I love it when a Senior gets to have their Senior pictures taken near and around the home where memories have been made with their family the past 18 years.  And this is exactly what this session was about.  Time spent at a few places Griffyn left childhood footprints.  

Cassy and Shep, thank you for giving me the honor of working with your son.  And for the help in bringing out the Griffyn smile. Enjoy your senior year Griff!  

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Miss Delaney  

I’ve had the pleasure of photographing this doll since she was six months old, and its hard to believe she turned four this past July. 

It seems like yesterday her mom and I where spotting her to keep her safe on the bed during our first shoot together.

When she turned one, I was quick to realize that I could skip my work out for the day, possibly even the week, when I have a photo session with Delaney scheduled.  And as it turned out, It took a grand total of 10 seconds for Delaney to get her feet wet...

And about 10 more to fully immerse herself into the water.

Playing the part of lifeguard and photographer is a new one for me! 

It's Always an adventure with this girl, and I love it!

Happy 4th Birthday little lady, thanks for talking your parents into a session down by the water... I mean in the water.


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Turning Two!

Remember these blue eyes?  

Not easy to forget!

This little man turned two this past month, time certainly does fly by.  I love that I've had the opportunity to photograph Kaden and his family since his birth.  

We had such a fun time in the sunflower fields, and I couldn't have asked for a more beautiful evening!  The sun sets and it instantly drops 10 degrees.  Making it a great time for family pictures!

This year both sets of Grandparents where able to join in on the celebration.  

Its clear, that this little guy is loved!

Thanks for yet another fun evening!  

I'll leave you with this gem... one of my favorite of the night.




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Conner Not to toot my own horn, but Conner and I got these shots (and SO MANY MORE) in just over an hour.  

Oh ya!   

Seriously Conner, you were so fun to work with!  I'm pretty sure he hopped off the wheat truck, combine, tractor or whichever activity his summer job required of him this particular evening; drove home, cleaned up, and showed up!  

And lets be honest, after a long week of 90+ degree weather, showing up, is half the battle. And this kid did it well.

I love that these ACH Warrior 2019 Seniors get to show off a couple state champ rings, as always, its a great time to be a  Warrior!  

Enjoy your Senior year Conner, make some great memories, work hard, and while your at it, give it all you've got!

Thanks for a fun evening Conner!

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Coffmans When elections are coming and your real estate business is in full swing, current headshots are vital. So, it was fun getting to work with this power couple in a beautiful location.  Whenever you have genuinely happy people and the sunset on the beach, it's a winning combination every time.   

Not only did I get some great shots of Rob and Shara, but also some of the people they love the most.


Lincoln County is in good hands with this Commissioner.

Ps. If your looking for a home to purchase, these are you people!

And just because they are too darn cute.  


Thanks Rob, Shara, Trey and Susan for such a fun evening!



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Earlier on, when I first ventured into the world of photography, I had a fear of running out of locations to shoot.  But that fear was quickly extinguished.  The reality is that photography is all about the person in the picture.  You can take the same location and shoot the same pose multiple times, but the face in front of the lens is what brings the location to life.  Because each individual is delightfully unique, each shot is as if it's the first time I've shot at this location.

Photography gives me a small window into each person as they step in front of the camera.  This is why I love what I do.  


Meet Mac. 

I know that when a guy steps in front of my camera, there are probably 300 other things they would rather be doing with their time. And while I'm sure Mac had a few better ideas of how he could be spending his evening, he put on a brave face, treated me like I wasn't the last person he wanted to spend the evening with and as a result, I came home with some good laughs and great shots.  I think I even heard the words, "This isn't so bad" escape his mouth at one point...I'll take it Mac.  I'll take it.


Everything this guy does, he goes all in.  And not only does he do it well; it's with respect and integrity.  He's someone you're proud to call "teammate," "friend," or "family."  Just an all around solid kid.  His parents have raised him well. 


Enjoy your senior year Maguire. Everything you do, give it all you've got.  I'm pretty sure that once again, we will all get to say, "Its a good time to be a Warrior!" Thanks for toughing out the 90 degree temperatures and spending the evening with me!  It wasn't that bad, was it? ;-) 



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Welcome to the world sweet Tatum This sweet bundle entered our world 3 weeks before her expected arrival date.  Proving that she and her family are stronger and more brave than they thought they ever could be.  

Nothing prepares a mama for the great waves of sadness that come over her as she realizes the inevitable separation that is about to take place in order for her newborn to be cared for in the best possible way. Heart and mind in constant struggle. Wanting to be your babies "everything" but quickly seeing, rather than home, the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit is where your newborn needs be.

Nine excruciating nights Matt and Alli would listen to the faint but constant, reassuring sounds of the monitors connected to Tatum. After they checked and rechecked to make sure each monitor connection point was secure but not too tight, they would swaddle her in the "burrito wrap" all NICU parents are taught upon check-in.  Lastly, whispering prayers for safety and health until their return, kissed her goodnight and began their long drive home. 

Leaving her in the trained hands of the beloved NICU night nurses.

Every mile of the trip home felt like one hundred.  Each one taking them further and further away from the side of their newborn baby. 

Yet, at the end of their road home, they had their first born bundle of joy eagerly awaiting her parents return. Making their Homecoming a little more comforting.  

Oh sweet Mattie.  You are a delight!

Big Sister didn't get to enjoy the perks of baby snuggles until Tatum was finally given the "ok" to come home.  And Mattie hasn't skipped a beat in fully embracing her new roll.

Now if feels like this is the way its always been.  Their time spent in the NICU, a memory that feels more like a dream.  So thankful for the wisdom of their doctors and nurses, so they can make all the memories they planned on making as a family of four.

And with these two at the helm, they are sure to make some pretty fun memories together! 



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The Jess Family in the Fall I just knew it was going to be a fun session. When I arrived, this adorable face popped his head around the truck door to greet me.

Boston, you quickly stole my heart!

Clearly you've stolen your parents as well.  What a little charmer you are!

I'm not sure he stopped moving the whole shoot, and I didn't mind as long as he kept flashing those smiles.

The moment his interest in the camera and "family time" began to waver, his mom became an instant hero to both Boston and I when she pulled out the bottle of bubbles.  

And just like that....


...pure joy! 

Cassie, thanks so much for asking me to join you and your sweet family for one of the nicest evenings October had to offer.  You and Brandon are such fun parents to watch with that adorable boy of yours.  So many smiles captured this evening!


(Amy McArthur Photography) Thu, 02 Nov 2017 04:54:19 GMT
Fall fun with the Llewellyn family These two. If they don't steal your heart, I think you may need to go have it checked out.  

Is it still beating?

Just a whole lot sweetness...


and a touch of personality.

Krysta and James have their hands full. And they are doing a great job raising the two bundles of energy they brought into this world.

I love watching other parents with their kids.  Taking pictures allows a closer look into the fun, crazy, and intimate moments with near strangers.  It also helps me be reminded once again that we are all in this boat together; doing our best to raise these little humans to be responsible, fun loving adults. Its a hard job, but the blood sweat and tears are always worth it.  

Thanks so much for a fun evening with your family.  Keep up the good work you two. Kylie and Karsen were a joy to work with...

The apple doesn't fall far from the tree.  

(Amy McArthur Photography) Wed, 25 Oct 2017 03:54:39 GMT
Jordan Family It's been almost two weeks since I was with this family.  We were in the middle of nowhere... at least thats how it feels when your gas light comes on 5 miles before the location, there is no cell service, and you are stuck deciding which way will get you to the nearest gas station. When in this predicament, each mile has you holding your breath, wanting to throw useless stuff out the car windows, hoping to lighten the load, and let the fumes help you eke to civilization! As you'll see below, I made it to the location...making it back home was yet to be discovered. 

The last time I was with Denise's family of four the twins hadn't yet taken their first step.  When their van door slid open, it was so cute to see these two faces look up at me.  


Its been just a couple months since I was last with Vaughn and Valerie while shooting a newborn session for sweet Braelynn.  I loved getting to work with them again and even had the opportunity to sneak in a quick baby snuggle.  

And this cute little man is waiting for his moment to shine as Big Brother as well.  If he starts with just showing how to look and smile at the camera, I'd say he will have done his job!  Mr McCoy is quite the little charmer.  

Wade and Noel, thank you!  It was fun to spend a little time with you both and your sweet boy.  

One last one, because its always so easy to get everyone to smile and look at the camera at the same time.  :-)  At least Grandma is happy and ready!  

Kathy, you are a joy, I'll be looking to hire you as an assistant for my next family shoot with lots of littles!  You were amazing!

Oh yes, I did make it home.  I had forgotten my wallet as well, but thankfully found a twenty scrunched in the glove box... you know, stuffed back there for one of those "emergency situations."

I'll remember my brain next time. 

(Amy McArthur Photography) Wed, 11 Oct 2017 21:55:49 GMT
Miss Alyssa


From the first shot to the last, it was so much fun working with Alyssa.  Not only that, but we captured one of the last nice evenings of a summer that all too quickly came to an end.

Although, I will admit that I got a little giddy at the site of her footwear and the realization that boot season has returned!  

I'm fairly confident Alyssa can't take a bad picture.  A burden she's gong to have to live with...I'm not quite sure how she will manage. =)

And her sweet canine friend is just as photogenic!

I love that I had the opportunity to end my 2018 Senior line-up with this spunky lady at one of my favorite locations.  While we were having a great time together on the beach, the realization hit me that just as the summer season was quickly coming to and end, so is Alyssa's time at home. She will soon step out to chase down some dreams of her own.  

For everything, there is a season. 


Grab ahold of those dreams Alyssa.  Chase them and hold on tightly!  But don't forget to call your mama. AND enjoy your Senior year as a WildCat!

Thanks for making it such a fun evening!




(Amy McArthur Photography) Wed, 20 Sep 2017 18:29:26 GMT
Miss Rachael I'm nearing the end of my 2018 Senior season and working with Rachael and her parents was a delight.

We started the session in her formal, which was clearly her favorite!  She probably could have spent the whole evening in it without requesting an outfit change.

Rachel has spent this past spring and summer as a Wilbur princess, representing her community at fairs and parades.  Clearly she enjoyed dressing the part. And what girl doesn't wish they had a crown at one point in their childhood.  You fit the part Rachael, not just in your outward appearance, but also on the inside. Your gracious heart, mixed with a bubbly personality make you the princess that you are.  

What a fun and unique season to remember, Rachael.  

The rest of the evening was spent around the water; an element where she and her family feel most comfortable.  She scaled the rocks barefoot seemingly without a problem. I, on the other hand, feet fully protected, looked like I was trying to walk on a bed of hot coals.  I need to work on my foot dexterity, if I want to save face before my next rocky shoot!

Enjoy your senior year, Rachael!  Thanks for braving what seemed to be the smokiest night of the summer. We came home with some great pictures!

(Amy McArthur Photography) Fri, 15 Sep 2017 18:44:50 GMT
Cousins This sweet and sassy crew is back together this summer!

And why not put a photo session on your "To Do" list when you have this much personality exploding from each little person.

We managed to "throw in" one set of parents this time, and so glad we did. 


A moment of truth... Just hours before their shoot, I realized I had written their date down incorrectly on my calendar, for the following evening. While confirming the location I received a text saying something to the effect of "looking forward to tonights session, just send me directions!"  


Can you imagine these three in the middle of a wheat field just waiting on their photographer to show up?  I have full confidence that in a few short minutes they would have commandeered a combine and wheat truck to finish up the farmers harvest, made mud cakes for dinner and fluffed up a princess dress to use as a pillow and counted stars until I showed up.  Meanwhile,  I would have missed this moment!  

Thanks for yet another energetic and delightful evening ladies!  



(Amy McArthur Photography) Fri, 08 Sep 2017 21:55:28 GMT
Trecking it with Christopher

This senior session was one for the books for me.  Beginning with the arrival of my "up for anything assistant" and ending with an unexpected road trip and hike to catch the perfect location and lighting.  

Twenty minutes into a senior session, when the senior says, I know of this place with great backlighting...  

You throw your gear into the jeep and go!

And end up in places like this...

We (my assistant Kami and I) weren't aware that we'd be scaling large rocks, and hiking through the wilderness, but as they say, ignorance is bliss. 

For two weeks I had been fighting the worst cold in the history of mankind...seriously.  So, any chance of rest to get back to complete health was aside.  There may have been frequent stops to catch my breath and a couple moments I thought my heart might explode, but ultimately, this little hike was totally worth it.

Christopher, grew up near here, so he knew it like the back of his hands.  We would see him one second and the next he was completely out of view... jumping down what felt like a 15 foot boulder then bounding up the next.  Poor Kami was loaded down with seventy-five percent of my equipment (flash, soft box, a battery pack, and extra lenses). I was grateful for her!  This way, for the most part, I keep up with Christopher...or at least have a general idea in which direction he went.  

And come home with shots like this one.  

Thanks for the unexpected adventure "C-Squared!"  You didn't steer us wrong.  I look forward to more shoots in this area..(If I can talk Kami into doing it again.) 

Enjoy your senior year!

(Amy McArthur Photography) Fri, 01 Sep 2017 04:19:59 GMT
Miss Tiffany  I'd say this picture sums up our evening pretty well. 

There is just a whole lot of fun packed into one tiny package with this girl.

On the eve of Tiffany's last first day of high school, I'm determined to get this blog up for her. I've tucked my two littles snug in their beds, and am excited to share some of my favorites with you!

This girl makes my heart happy every time I run into her.  She has that grin that can turn whatever it was you were just worrying over or frustrated about, into not that big of a deal.  She quickly reminds me that there is a lot in this life to be joyful about, and encourages me to not let my attitude reflect otherwise.  

I'll be looking forward to watching Tiffany take the court and field her senior year.   Quite the powerhouse packed into this tiny lady, a force to be reckoned with on and off the court or field.  (while usually still sporting her awesome grin).  

Tiffany, thanks for a fun evening around town together, and you have a fantastic senior year!  



(Amy McArthur Photography) Tue, 29 Aug 2017 05:21:32 GMT
Garrett I've been looking forward to getting to work on Garretts blog ever since I first downloaded and viewed his pictures on my computer. 

I'm going to take a moment and just be honest. I was having one of those days... you know, the one where you see "your worst self" on display...not just once, but several times throughout the day?  You see "her" coming. It's like slow motion. You try all you can to stop "her" from coming out, but it's just no use.  You just prepare yourself to pick up the pieces that will inevitably be all around you.  

If you know me, you know I'm crazy about my kids.  Love them with every fiber of my being, but this particular afternoon I just didn't wake up with the exact amount of patience that was needed for the day.  Calvin recently discovered ways to push my buttons, and I saw the delight on his face when he pulled the desired "crazy momma" reaction from me.... three different times.  I caught myself nearly breaking an armful of plates, slamming the car door, and throwing a basket of freshly folded laundry on the floor.  All reactions that visibly pleased my first born.  

My better half has been harvesting for several weeks by this point, so the hope of reinforcements or at least a few moments of peace to clear my head before my photo session that evening, was just not going to happen.  (To give myself a little break, I'm quite certain this was my last day of good health before the Cold of all Colds came crashing down,  my body knew I was about to break, so why not try to break the mind as well? )  

While driving to Garretts house, I had a serious "Come to Jesus" moment.  Asking...if there be any ounce of creative energy left in the tank, that it be multiplied.  That I would have the ability to connect and create a fun and easy session.  Pleading for a miracle, because on the inside I felt like I was about to shatter into a million pieces.  

And then this happened.

And this.

And this.

and a little bit of this. 

When I stepped out of the car to greet Garrett in his driveway, all the junk from my day took the backseat. Garrett's joy and ease were contagious and put my heart and creativity right back where it needed to be.  Garrett came ready to play.  His sense of calm took over and this shoot was not only a breeze, but sent me home with a bit of hope, a bit of grace for myself and my first born.  And thankful that my cry for help didn't fall on deaf ears. 

Garrett has plans of getting into politics.  I asked what he thought his first step after college would be, he responded with, getting a job in DC and start making those connections. 

Garrett.  I'm thankful to have connected with you.  

You will be a great asset in whichever area of politics you end up.  And if it happens to be the White House... you know where to find your photographer for all those political advertisements/billboards, pamphlets.  Really anything that gets your name and face out there.  :-)   Enjoy your last year of high school as a Wildcat.  And thanks for helping to create such a fun and encouraging evening for this photographer. 


(Amy McArthur Photography) Fri, 25 Aug 2017 04:55:25 GMT
Happy Birthday Elliot I've been battling a nasty cold this past week, getting off the couch only to feed my own children, and take more medicine. These pictures have been patiently waiting for me, so tonight I set out with a good dosage of DayQuil, and am going to get this family some pictures! It's quickly approaching midnight but I'm not giving up until this blog is posted. (Hows that for will-power?) 

 Thank you Marcus and Emily for inviting me out to celebrate with you all.  It was a great First Birthday party and  Elliot was such a delight! 

Emily made the cake and it was a hit! 

Everyone loved it... Except Elliot.  

This kid is adorable even when he's a teensy bit upset!  

A little quiet time with mom and dad, and all was right with the world.

Happy Birthday (Month) Elliot!  

(Amy McArthur Photography) Sun, 20 Aug 2017 07:43:14 GMT
On the farm with Derek

The week before my shoot with Derek, I went to the Gollehon farm to scout out the location and make a plan.  I didn't get to meet Derek that evening, so my first introduction was at the start of his session.  I pulled up to the house, looked towards the shop and water was spraying everywhere. There was Derek, washing up his tractor minutes before we were going to start shooting. In that moment, I knew I instantly liked this kid. I love getting to work with people in their world. Regardless of the smoke that had been settling in for a few days by this point, we set out to catch some shots to capture the person of Derek.  


From a young age Derek has always shown an interest in and a talent for working with his hands.  Growing up working side by side with his dad, he mimicked and caught on. His tinkering turned into fixing, which turned to rebuilding.  A gift that when cultivated and encouraged, became more than just a hobby.  It became a part of him, an expression of himself, and people began to notice.

The Gollehons "bleed green."  And even as a toddler, whenever work needed to be done on their equipment Derek would get out there with the service men from John Deere.  John Deere took notice, offered to sponsor Derek, and he will be going to school to become a mechanic. 


Derek and his family were great to work with.  I'm excited that someone took notice of his skill and gave him such a great opportunity to jump start his future after high school. I'm also thankful that along with the John Deere mechanics, his dad took the time to allow him to work along side him and learn. 

Good job James and Rhonda, you're raising your boy to be a man.  Well done. 

For all the mamas out there.... you never forget those small feet. 


(Amy McArthur Photography) Mon, 14 Aug 2017 04:51:27 GMT
Family Time with the Horter Its always fun to get the whole family together.... and even more fun when its over 90 degrees outside.

These guys were troopers...  And the adults were pretty good also. 

Can there be anything cuter than a bunch of grandkids just hanging out in a sunflower field?


Maybe a grand baby in a canning pot in a sunflower field... she might give everyone a run for their money!


Thanks Horter family for a wild and crazy evening.  We made it through with minimal tears and lots of laughter, I'd do it again in a heartbeat!  


(Amy McArthur Photography) Fri, 11 Aug 2017 04:58:53 GMT
Sweet Josie  

I don't remember what was said, but when I look at this picture, I can still hear the laughter coming from this sweet lady!  Makes me want to laugh along with her.  Most the time she does get whomever she's with to join in.  Two words I would use to describe her; carefree and joyful.  

It's been a privilege having Josie and her family as neighbors for almost a year now.  Not just because I have a very highly qualified babysitter so close, but also the random drop-ins just to say "Hi", or tell a story with great animation of something that happened during her day.  My daughter is usually the first to spot Josie popping through the opening in the shrubs that run between our houses. She'll announce Josie's arrival with her tiny voice clearly singing out, "Josie!!"  Seconds later Josie makes her grand entrance and I just love it.   

Josie was the first non-family member I trusted with my son when he was born.  They adored each other.  And now my daughter does too.

I know when she takes off for college next fall, her presence will be missed by the two neighbor kids next door; as well as their parents.

She has been so fun to watch grow up over the years.

She takes on new opportunities and challenges with joy, eagerness, and optimism.  

I've watched her succeed and I've watched her come up short; in either ending, I've seen grace.

You are a delight to those around you.  Don't lose your joy; its infectious and a rare gift to the world.  

The McArthur's are cheering you on...

...and will be eager to have you back on college breaks! 



(Amy McArthur Photography) Thu, 10 Aug 2017 04:06:39 GMT
One year later The changes and milestones reached within the first year of life are beautiful.  

In the day to day, sometimes exhausting routine of parenting, there are so many quick moments that take your breath away and give you the energy to make it through the day.

 A gift to a tired mama. 

Life is good and family makes it great.

Thank you Rachael and Matt, for allowing me to capture some fun moments of Kaden's first year.  You have such a sweet boy and I've enjoyed every minute with your family.

(Amy McArthur Photography) Tue, 08 Aug 2017 19:50:51 GMT
Mr Ryan

Every year, around this time, I become more aware of how I'm not getting any younger.  These "kids" just keep growing up.  I say to myself that I really can't be that old...then this happens...I remember when Ryan mom was pregnant with him.  So yes, I am "that old."  

But then again, I was reminded just the other day that age is just a number.  Whether I be 30 (plus a few years) or 18, we can all feel like life is about to take an exciting turn and look forward to a bright future.  Whatever it may be.


 Being a Senior in high school just happens to point out the obvious; life is about to change and it's going to be exciting and Ryan is no exception.

He is looking forward to what this next season will bring, still deciding on which school to continue his studies.  His parents are full of support and encouragement, so he will be able to set out confidently in whatever direction he chooses.

I think this might be what I appreciate most about small town living; not just watching the kids, but watching the parents.  Watching them teach, train, coach, support, cheer, and just plain love their kids.  Ryan's parents gifted him with the consistency of his father, "The Farmer" and the innovative love of knowledge of his mother, "The Educator." Its clear to me Ryan will carry these values with him throughout life. 

Enjoy your year of "lasts," Ryan.  Make some great memories and be good to your mom.  Her baby boy is about to leave the nest!  

And one more picture... just because I love it when the family gets involved!



(Amy McArthur Photography) Sat, 05 Aug 2017 03:13:39 GMT
An evening on the Poe Farm. I had no idea the kind of fun that I was in for with the Poe family on this summer evening. 

Marlene asked about adding a pony, I said lets use them all... She mentioned maybe adding the we added the cat too!  

I think we were all a little tired by the end of the evening, but it was a "good times were had" kind of tired.

I mean, doesn't he look like he's having  good time?

And, I believe that as long as she has her pony near her, she going to be having a good time.  

Ryan and Marlene, lets do another shoot like this.  This is real life.  This is your life. Life at its finest.


(Amy McArthur Photography) Wed, 02 Aug 2017 05:33:44 GMT
Ten years and counting... I've gone back and forth adding and removing pictures from this blog... There are just too many favorites to pick from!  Even in a "hot and quickly getting hotter" morning sessions with the possibility of ticks and the guarantee of cheatgrass, this family of five came to play, and I'm so glad they did.

I had the opportunity to work with Jeff a little over ten years ago, but except for the occasional run in at the local Safeway or high school graduation I haven't seen him much over the years.  I met Elizabeth at a graduation several years ago, and happened to be leaving the doctors office as she was heading in, weeks before the youngest of these three cherubs was born.  She looked beautiful.  

Now that tiny one week old baby, is an adorable one year old charmer.  

I enjoyed my opportunity to meet the rest of the family this year.  Jeff and Elizabeth are raising some pretty sweet kids together.  

They were such great little people to photograph.

I happened to be talking to a friend of the family the night before this session and I learned that they would be celebrating their 10 year anniversary the next day. I know that getting family pictures isn't always on the list of top 5 things to do to celebrate this milestone, but I'm so glad they did.  

Happy anniversary to you!  I know love and marriage and this season of life is not always easy, but at the end of the day the blood sweat and tears are always worth it.  Your family session made my day.  I was honored to have the opportunity to spend the morning with you, and I can't wait for you to see the rest of the pictures from our session together! 

(Amy McArthur Photography) Sun, 09 Jul 2017 16:19:46 GMT
Welcome to our world little Braelyn "All of Gods grace wrapped in one tiny face." Valerie Jordan

Ok, maybe in two tiny faces.  

There is nothing like those first few days after bringing a newborn baby home.  The whole world keeps moving, but life at home moves at a little quieter and at a little slower pace.  

Home becomes a sanctuary.

A sanctuary filled with awe and wonder of the gift of life that has been given to each member of the family.

Valerie and Vaughn she is beautiful.  

Thank you for inviting me into your sanctuary to capture these moments.


(Amy McArthur Photography) Fri, 07 Jul 2017 06:54:56 GMT
Long Days, Short Years I'd like to say that Paul and I have some of the best friends a couple could ask for.  This family brings a whole lot of spice to our lives and we love them for it.

Raising families together makes the hard days a little easier and the "easy" days quickly become some of the the best of days.

Matt and Kristen are packing in as much as they can into their "long days, but short years" that they have with their kids at home.  Making memories at every turn.

Thanks for continuing to make time for fun with your family and friends.  You bring life to those around you, and after an evening spent together, I'm inspired to come home and fill my tomorrows up with as much love and adventure I can squeeze in to my own "long days but short years."

(Amy McArthur Photography) Thu, 06 Jul 2017 05:02:00 GMT
Run Your Race Miss Jaimie  

This delight is about to take on her senior year, and I'm believing with her that this will be a good year to finish up her career as a Wildcat.

I've watched this girl grow up and am amazed at what I see. 

She's taking life and its complexities and choosing to work through them. Determined.  Focused. Some days strong, some, maybe not not so much.  But never giving up.

You're a rockstar in my book, Jaimie.

Hold on to what you know is true, and continue to choose joy...

Because it looks good on you!

(Amy McArthur Photography) Sun, 02 Jul 2017 05:44:55 GMT
Sixty years and counting. Celebrating 60 years together is a pretty amazing, to say the least.  Thats exactly what this lovely couple are doing this year!

I'm pretty sure the only thing better than young love, is a young love that has stood the test of Time and grown into something much greater.

This kind of love does not come easy, and is a rare find.  As the saying goes..."Nothing good ever came easy."

Thank you for sticking together, you two!  The world needs to see more of this.

Thank you for a lovely afternoon shoot, and a nice cold root beer for the drive home.  




(Amy McArthur Photography) Mon, 26 Jun 2017 19:28:12 GMT
When The Family Gets Together  

I had so much fun photographing this family last year, and was thrilled when Jennifer gifted her parents a family photo session with me. One of the greatest compliments a photographer can get is a second booking with a client. Needless to say, I was giddy when she asked.  

So here we are back in the Beatty's little slice of heaven with the whole family... and it was beautiful.

And lets be honest, any opportunity to spend time with Grammie and Papa, is always the best opportunity. 

After setting Grammie and Papa down on a few uncomfortable rocks and stumps, we walked up to this one and she snuggled right in.  Like a glove, these two fit together.  After thirty-five years of marriage and doing life together, things like "snuggling in" just come naturally.  :-)  

Well done, Richard and Judy.  You have raised such a beautiful family, inside and out.  Each one is just so fun and easy to be with.  

And these littles...oh my.  I bet they just make your hearts swell! 



(Amy McArthur Photography) Sun, 04 Jun 2017 04:48:07 GMT
Bringing Journey Home Thank you so much to these six families (and two more at a later date) for supporting the Parrish family in their adoption of Miss Journey.

 I can't think of a greater Cause to help support; to provide a Forever Family to those without and waiting.  Miss Journey already has a community that loves and supports her, and I can't wait to meet her in the coming months.


 It takes a village, and what a village she will be joining.  

(Amy McArthur Photography) Fri, 26 May 2017 06:09:28 GMT
An evening out with the Ross Family When a man loves a woman...

He takes a slight detour after a long day at work and shows up on this photographers doorstep, requesting to get his family scheduled in for a photography session.  


Side note: I don't think I have to try to hard to convince you that THIS is a photographers dream!  When the men in the family are willing and happy to get the family together for a photo session, nothing else matters, the location, the weather, none of it. You have just booked a session that is guaranteed a success! Easy peasy. 

For as long as I can remember, Its always been this way with these two.  What is important to one, is seen as important to the other.  Not just meeting in the middle, not just both giving fifty percent, but each doing their best to give their all to each other... and its pretty clear they don't mind doing it either.

 When Paul and I were first married, we noticed whatever it was that Kevin and Shauni were doing, was working well.  Even in the midst of raising three young kids, they continued to put each other first and were enjoying life!   If there was a couple we wanted to take notes from, it was these two.  They would be the first to say they don't always get it right, but they aren't going to stop trying.  

These three were just peanuts when I first met the family... actually the sisters had yet to make their entrance into the Ross family.  (I'm suddenly feeling old).  I had such fun time with this crew.  The sequence of expressions and shots to eventually get this one was nothing shy of comical, they have caught onto a thing or two from their parent, and are enjoy doing life together...for the most part. ;-) They are still teenagers after all. 

Kevin and Shauni, thank you for loving each other and your family well.  Thank you for working hard at it.  Thank you for acknowledging when you've struggled or failed instead of hiding the messy.  Our world needs to see this kind of love is alive and well, and attainable.   Thank you for opening your home and hearts to so many who walk through your front door.  We are honored to call you friends, and are thankful that in a small capacity, we get to do life together.


Ok, just a couple more... because Manito Park, after all,  was where your story began.

Ahh, barely scathed by Time.

..and they made a decision to choose to live happily ever after. Come what may.




(Amy McArthur Photography) Tue, 16 May 2017 14:42:19 GMT
Six months goes by too fast. Sweet baby Kaden has reached the Six Month mark and is ridiculously adorable.  I can't get enough of those eyes!

He was such a sweet boy to work with.  All smiles, even when it became evident he was starting to get tired.

This was the first time I've had six month old fall asleep during a photoshoot, so we did what any rational parent and photographer would do, we seized the moment and grabbed the sled!

What a sweet boy these two get to raise. They need no reminding, to enjoy these moments,  as they are well aware of how quickly he is growing. 

I was so happy the weather cooperated with us after such unpredictable days.  Thank you Matt and Rachael for yet another fun photo shoot!





(Amy McArthur Photography) Wed, 25 Jan 2017 06:10:41 GMT
Sweet Addison Dear Time,

please stand still.

I've said it before, and I'll say it again,  when you are in the presence of a sleeping newborn, its as if the everything else fades away, a quiet stillness settles in...

and you once again remember what it feels like to hold a tiny miracle in your arms.

It's true, the best gifts come in small packages. This one came weighing just over six and a half pounds.  

She fits perfectly into daddy's hands... and instantly has him wrapped around her finger. 

Congratulations Alyssa and Kerry, soak in these tiny moments.  For they are simply the best!

(Amy McArthur Photography) Wed, 07 Dec 2016 07:15:12 GMT
A Park In The City I quickly realized why the Spokane Finch Arboretum had been suggested to me for a fall session. I hadn't even exited my car and I could see that this place was simply beautiful.  The colors of fall were bright and abundant. While grabbing my gear from the car I couldn’t help but notice the stretch limousine parked just a few feet away and the wedding party filing out to line up for pictures.  At first I congratulated myself for planning this session at such a beautiful spot. I mean, great minds think alike…right?

Its one thing to have two or three minds "thinking alike," but it's much different when every photographer in Eastern Washington trickles in and begins claiming "their territory" every few feet.  Let the chaos begin.

I may or may not have panicked and thought about pulling out every personal item in my car to stake out what I originally thought was prime real-estate. 

After pausing and taking a deep breath, I looked around and realized that I was beginning to stress over nothing. This entire park was beautiful. We were going to have fun finding the spots together; even if I had to edit a few heads and cameras out of the distant background!

I’ve had the privilege of photographing this family over the past few years.  Big Brother was just barely toddling around at the time of our first session together. Now there are two, tow headed, energetic boys to try keep up with. Heavy emphasis on the word "try."  And, if any family looks good trying, its this one right here.  

 After all our sessions together, Amy is essentially a pro, keeping in step with me, standing behind the camera catching and holding her sons attention.  Chris, relaxed and easy going as always, was enjoying the fact that it wasn't him who had the unfortunate event of stepping in dog poop… unlike his buddy, who was in the same park, but finished his family session a few minutes early do to the said unfortunate event. 

Let's just be honest, we were ALL happy it wasn’t one of us. Unfortunately for his friend, it gave us something to smile about.

I was thankful the Jenness Family was up for a trip to Spokane. We came home with some beautiful pictures.

This session did remind me of the beauty here at home. Spacious open pastures, wheat fields displaying vibrant colors of green or soft hues of gold.  We have canyon walls jetting up into the big blue sky, and "just behind the next bend"  or "beyond the next hill", are hidden oasis', displaying their own colors of fall. Chances are there won't be a wedding party, homecoming groups, or fifty other families with the same idea.  :-)



(Amy McArthur Photography) Tue, 01 Nov 2016 16:29:05 GMT
Ireland in the fall I couldn't have asked for a better shoot to wrap up my 2017 Seniors.  Everything from location and weather to the senior, were perfect!

Oh, did I forget to mention the hair?  The hair in this session was perfect too!

I had to continually tell myself not to touch it, unless absolutely necessary! 

I had the not so coveted, stick strait hair growing up. I could only dream of these kinds of curls.   Although, I did try a perm once.

The curls lasted less than 24 hours.  I never tried it again.

I can proudly say I now have a small portion on the back of my head that thinks it should be curly. And, when I say small I mean about a 4 inch radius small.  One can always dream right?  

I can't help but feel happy when I look through these pictures.  This is a fun reminder for me that this is something I love doing; 

Stealing moments in time for families to hold forever.

Ireland is the real deal.  Smart, fun, lovely, athletic and determined.  Oh, and tall. Very strong and tall.  I would be toast if I tried to guard this one in basketball.

And I'm sure the nice long wingspan helps her reach on the tennis court.

Basically, If I were still in P.E and lucky enough to be the captain and choose my teammates, I'd choose Ireland, every time.

Ireland, thank you for spending your evening with me! You are a beautiful smart and talented girl.  Best of luck to you and your lady Wildcats in your senior year.



(Amy McArthur Photography) Wed, 26 Oct 2016 03:36:39 GMT
Celebrating their "Happily Ever After." These two lovebirds just celebrated fifty years of marriage together!

There's no better way to celebrate than surrounding yourself with those you love most. 

Your family.

This family has spent a considerable amount of time on the west side of the state, so a little bit of rain, wasn't enough to keep them from having a good time together. 

 I just needed to make a quick trip to Spokane to pick up a few umbrellas...because who in eastern Washington actually owns an umbrella?

Bring on the grandkids and the yellow raincoats and we have a recipe for success!

Fifty years of love is a deep and beautiful thing...

They have been gifted with much.  

They have tasted the sweetness of life while watching dreams become realities. They have filled their lives with memories while walking their children into adulthood. And in return being rewarded with the highest coveted position of all...being grandparents!


They have also tasted the bitter sadness of loss.  

Together they have walked difficult days. Days no parent could be prepared to walk.

It's in these days that you realize, more than ever, 

the valuable gift you have

in the one you've chosen to "do life" with. 


 This is a gift that cannot be measured;

To have someone who knows and loves you through all of life's experiences... 

someone who helps you breathe again,

reminds you to live,

and together, you both re-discover joy.

 A joy that, even on the hardest days, breathes hope back into your broken heart. 


As I said before, this gift of love cannot be measured and is a deep and beautiful thing. 

Dennis and Cheryl, I am thankful you both have found friendship and life in each other.  You are a gift to your family, and an example

to those who have watched you.  Here's to many, many more years together. 



(Amy McArthur Photography) Sun, 23 Oct 2016 21:56:36 GMT
Kelsey This was my first time meeting this super fun senior. A lovely person, inside and out.

She walked into ACH gymnasium, and before 5 minutes had passed, our high school basketball coach was working on his recruiting skills. I would have questioned his judgement as a good coach had he not at least tried.  

I even considered challenging her in a little one-on-one, but after thinking it thru, the facts were clear,  she stands a good foot taller than I do, and its been, oh.... a good 15+ years since high school.

Even if I tried getting into her head with the "trash talk," (I've been perfecting this skill while playing the game Sorry with my 5 year old son) she would have used her strong long legs that carry her across the finish line to catch me before I had a chance of escape. 

 I decided to save face instead and keep it behind the camera.  

Kelsey was a delight to work with, ready to smile and seemed at ease in front of the camera.  A recipe for a successful shoot!

I hope I get to run into you and your family again soon.  I realize it won't be on the Warrior Hardwood, but thats ok.  :-)

I can cheer on the Black Hawks and give you a shout out if we end up in your gym for play-offs.  

Have a super Senior year Kelsey!  I enjoyed every minute of our shoot together.  

(Amy McArthur Photography) Fri, 14 Oct 2016 18:21:59 GMT
Waiting on Baby Ive been giddy about this photo shoot since the moment we agreed on a date.

I couldn't have asked for a more cute and relaxed couple,or a prettier location. 

 Alyssa and Kerry made everything about this session perfect.

 I asked Alyssa if she would be up for taking a few pictures in the water at the end of our shoot, and before she could respond, Kerry quickly said, "Absolutely she would!"

Alyssa followed that with an "I'm up for anything!"

 I knew from that moment on, this was going to be a fun evening. 

My first interaction with Alyssa and Kerry (as a couple)  had been in a wedding that I photographed a few years ago, they were engaged at the time and such a fun couple to have in a wedding party.   After the wedding, I received a message from Alyssa telling me how much fun she and Kerry had during the pictures, and hoped that we could do a session someday.  

That note made my day. 

  When baby Prather was announced, I was excited to receive a  second message asking if I could be a part of this chapter of their lives in this way.  

 I am thrilled for the two of you.  You are going to make such a great parenting team.  

This baby is entering a home where love and joy are quickly found.

 I can't think of a better gift to be given. 

Life changing.  

Sometimes a difficult change, but worth every single struggle, tear and sleepless night.  

Because it's a change for the better.  

You are bringing life into this world. And the world will be better for it.




(Amy McArthur Photography) Fri, 07 Oct 2016 04:29:27 GMT
Home: A Little Slice of Heaven A few months back I  was delighted to get a message from a childhood friend, asking if I was willing to travel for a family session.  When you live out in the middle of nowhere, the answer most definitely is "Yes!"  

Especially if its a friend that I haven't seen in far too many years, we had a lot to catch up on!  

I asked if she had a location in mind for our session together, she did.  Her little slice of Heaven in her own back yard.  

Meet Jennifer, and her family of five.

When Jennifer graduated high school, she left small-town America for college.   Near the end of her college career, she ended up meeting the man of her dreams in a delightful whirlwind romance.

I had been told the story of how she and her husband had met before by close mutual friends, but hadn't yet heard it from Jennifer. It was catching up with an old friend at its finest!

Now, here we were, standing, in her Little Slice of Heaven; watching her kids chase the cats through the trees, while the dog protectively tagged along.  And no joke, their flock of chickens literally crossed the road, right were we were standing.  (well, across our little trail) And "Why?" I hear you asking...  to head into the chicken coup for the night.

 It was like a picture out of a children's storybook! I don't know how else to explain it, people!

I felt like I had been handed a gift, by the illustrator.  I was sketched into bright colored pages of their story for a moment.  And it was beautiful.

  I'm realizing more and more, this is becoming what I love most about my job.  Connecting with people, over what is most important to them.  Family.

Speaking of Family...

The cuteness odometer was off the charts on this particular evening.  And I was loving every minute of it.

Jennifer, your family was a delight. I loved spending the evening with all of you.  

Here's to childhood friendships.  And to your little slice of heaven.  In fact, if you happen to see a tent pop up in your back yard, don't worry.  Its just the McArthur's, needing to get away for a bit.  

(Amy McArthur Photography) Tue, 04 Oct 2016 04:37:17 GMT
Watching Them Go Working a Senior session with a parent is always a little wake up call to how quickly childhood years really do go by.


This is Mason, and his family is watching him experience all the "lasts" a senior year provides.

While taking pictures, I'm always interested in hearing stories that have filled their last eighteen years.  

Sharing memories that have shaped their kids into the adult that they are becoming.  And when the parent begins to speak, it feels like hallowed ground.   We are often times standing in places where these memories were made. Baseball fields, football fields, barnyards, backroads, parks... 

 I get to see that look in the parents eyes. They are reliving moments that they will carry with them, as their senior prepares to step out.

Mason, from the first picture to the last of the evening, I had a great time with you.  You will do well!  Thank you for letting your mom gush,  and allowing me to capture a few moments that encapsulate some pretty great moments of your growing-up years.  Enjoy all your "lasts."  You'll be making some pretty great memories.  

(Amy McArthur Photography) Thu, 15 Sep 2016 18:26:42 GMT
Bringing the family home I had the pleasure of photographing Marisa and Rome's wedding a few years ago.  Since then, they've added a little darling to their family.

It's obvious she's stolen their hearts and it's not hard to see why.

Marisa's grandpa Pinky used to own and run the White Motor Company in town.  He passed away several years ago, but the building still stands and is a sweet reminder of people we've known and loved.  The building has recently been turned into Pinky's Market, under new ownership.  Marisa thought a photo shoot around the building would be a fun idea during her trip home from North Carolina.

I love old buildings, not just for artistic beauty, but also because of the history they remind us of.  

Almira, isn't so much of a "hopping" town these days. Walking down sidewalks, in front of these old buildings that line our quiet streets, allow vibrant memories of childhood to come flooding back in.  Riding bicycles down these sidewalks and streets,  wildly waving and shouting a hello to anyone and everyone you pass. Visions of Pinky and Marisa's dad sitting on the bench outside this building come quickly to the front of my memory on this street corner. Memories of the good ol' days.  

I agreed with Marisa.  This was a perfect place to bring the family.

Marisa has since moved on from running the streets, riding bicycles and crushing the softball; to high heels, crushing the corporate world and loving on her family.

One thing I remember about Marisa, everything she did, she went all in.  All or nothing.  And she's still doing it today.

 I hope your trip home with the family was all you hoped it to be.  There is just nothing quite like home.

(Amy McArthur Photography) Thu, 01 Sep 2016 18:49:43 GMT
Is There Anything Sweeter Than A Flower Girl? Is there anything sweeter than a flower girl?  The only thing I can think of is three of them.

And these three cuties are no exception!

I've taken a step back from weddings, but that doesn't mean I have to take a step back from ALL the sweetness that weddings bring.

I had the pleasure of wearing three hats this particular Saturday morning; Balloon Delivery, (after retrieving them from the rafters and I'm not about to admit to be the one who let them float away), Florist (the flower baskets didn't quite make it to park for the photo shoot and you just can't go wrong with gerbera daisies), and photographer.  It was an adventure to say the least!

Anytime girls get to be all dolled up, its a day to document and remember. These three made my day by allowing me to e a part of it.


(Amy McArthur Photography) Fri, 26 Aug 2016 04:40:53 GMT
40 years + 1 A family photograph session is always a great way to celebrate your parents anniversary.  (Yes, that was a shameless plug).  I don't think you even need to wait for the big milestone years.  Chances are, you will probably do the math wrong and be off by a year anyway!


Dennis and Karen celebrated 40 years of marital bliss together... last year.

The kids joined together this year and decided that a family photo session would be a great way to celebrate the occasion. Once the cards were written, signed and sealed, and their congratulations spoken, it was then that the lovely couple thanked them for their thoughtful gift, and gently corrected their math. They politely informed them that they were just 365 days behind. 

All joking aside,  thru the years these two have dedicated to each other and to their family, Dennis and Karen have been given so much to be thankful for.  They have led by example and you can see the results in the way both their kids now love their own spouse's and family. 

This family loves well.  Their homes are warm and inviting places, where laughter and encouragement flow freely.  

Dennis and Karen, I know your kids appreciate all your hard work and dedication to each other and to them.  Not every couple makes it to 40 years. Or 41, for that matter.  Not only have you made it, but you have enjoyed the time making it happen.  And it is clearly seen.

Congratulations to you two lovebirds.  Here's to another 41!

(Amy McArthur Photography) Sat, 20 Aug 2016 04:26:22 GMT
2+1=3 Babies are simply the best. And little Kaden is no exception.

Its crazy how quickly I've forgotten how small a newborn is.  I still snuggle my youngest as if she were just born yesterday.  My time with this family was a sweet reminder that babies grow.  And they grow quickly.  

I'm sure Matt and Rachael need no reminder, to cherish these moments with the sweetest of gifts ever given.

I was surprised at how difficult it was to set Kaden back down after a prop change.  Its as if time stands still while snuggling a baby, and the moment they leave your arms,  the hurriedness of life comes rushing back in. After I finish up this blog I've decided I'm going to set my to-do list aside and go snuggle my two, "not so new born" babies... and beg time to again stand still for a few moments.

Thank you for allowing me to snuggle and capture a few moments with Kaden.  It was good for the soul.  

Now to go snuggle mine and talk to Paul about one more!


(Amy McArthur Photography) Sat, 13 Aug 2016 05:08:54 GMT
Kami Girl  



“If it weren’t for the last minute, I wouldn’t get anything done.”  This quote kind of has me pegged.  And I think that Kami and myself are kindred spirits.


It was like a lightbulb went off in her head.  Harvest was coming to a close and combines were arriving at Kami’s house in the morning.  The only problem was that she was wanting some pictures in the wheat fields where those combines were supposed to cut.  So a photoshoot needed to happen quickly.   


Its a good thing she's sweet.  And I like her a lot. And I can totally relate.


As you can see, we "got er' done." And had lots of fun doing it. 


​I'm looking forward to the rest of the shoot, it will inevitably be full of laughs, as this one was.


For so many reasons, I just love this girl right here.

For starters:

She has TONS of personality

​She plays with my kids

She loves softball

She takes really good care of my kids

She can CRUSH the softball

She loves my kids

She's the real deal

She's Kami

and did I mention how she loves and takes really good care of my kids!

I've watched this girl grow into a pretty incredible woman.  All her parents hard work is paying off.  When she steps out into the world, she will be leaving with a bag packed full of wisdom, love and truth that will no doubt serve her well.  There most definitely will be something missing when she leaves home.  But wherever she chooses to land, excitement will arrive with her, because thats just the way it is with Kami.

And a whole lot of personality comes with her.

Just today she was helping me with my kids, and Calvin asked, when she had to leave, and how long would it be until she was able to come back.  Lucky for him, he gets to see her tomorrow... But to a five and a half year old, that is just too long before he gets to see her.  And thats exactly what he told her.  

You are loved Kami girl.  Make sure you pack that in your bag also.  Wherever you choose to go, you take the love of a five year old boy and his family with you.


(Amy McArthur Photography) Wed, 10 Aug 2016 17:47:29 GMT
Denim+Boots+ Softball & the River Its hard to believe that the 2017 Seniors are upon us.  But much to the chagrin of senior parents, this is it, the first of many "lasts."  Exciting as it is, there is a twinge of pain knowing in a few short months life will begin to look and a feel a little bit different.  (I'm wiping away tears... my oldest is entering kindergarten, and I'm not ready!)

Meet Samantha.... 11 years ago, her mama sent her off to her first day of kindergarten. Over the last couple weeks, Samantha's mom and I have been "meeting" and discussing photoshoot particulars at the coffee drive thru window.   Killing two birds with one stone....or at least providing me with an excuse to feed my caffein addiction!  They couldn't have chosen a better location for her senior pictures.  We had a blast down by the river this week.  We literally dodged a few lightning bolts and I came home with a memory card full of great shots. 

 I love my job!

I don't know if I've ever worked with someone so relaxed right from the start; so fun and easy to work with.  And her mom worked the reflector like a pro!

Over this last year I've observed Samantha grow in some remarkable ways.  Not uncommon to many people, standing and speaking in front of a large group of people has not come easy for her.  It was something that just didn't happen.  This past Christmas, she decided she wanted to make a difference in the lives of kids she'd never met.  She teamed up with a good friend and presented operation Christmas Child to our church and began raising money and awareness.  Over the coarse of two months they were able to send over 75 Christmas shoeboxes and raised over a thousand dollars for postage. If you have never watched a video of a child opening up one of these shoeboxes, quite possibly the first and only "christmas gift" they will ever receive, you need to. I'll make it easy for you.

Samantha has inspired so many to continue saving and prepare for this coming Christmas season and is already collecting items to fill up shoeboxes. 

Samantha, you were created beautifully.  You have such a tender heart and are a joy to be around.  I am excited to see where your gifts, talents and that big heart of your take you.  Enjoy your last year as a Wilbur Wildcat, listen to your mama, and get ready to make an impact on the world around you.  

Thank you for allowing me to take part of your senior year in this way.  It was a delightful evening, lighting and all!


(Amy McArthur Photography) Fri, 29 Jul 2016 17:27:19 GMT
Mike + His Girls This is Mike's #1 Lady, Michelle.     

  When taking pictures of the two of them, I quickly realized they needed no instruction.  

They love being close together and know how to show it.

 Not one ounce of effort required.

Now, meet the rest of the ladies in his life.  Shawna, Megan, and Rachael.

Sisters undeniably, yet each one is very much their own person.

I think thats why I love these individual shots so much.

Seeing so much of who they are in each one.

I've sat behind Mike and his family in church on several occasions.  And it's a common thing to see them huddled close.  

When one member is away, the void is felt.  

Its clear they are a family that loves to be together.  

I'm sure they have their moments.  

Four girls under one roof.... how can you not?  

I'd be remiss to not mention the sweet, visible bond between fathers and daughters.

Mike and his girls are no exception. 

Even into adulthood, daughters with dad, is just a beautiful thing.  

Its no secret that most parents are aware that raising girls isn't always an easy task... you know, all those hormones!  My mom always described my hormonal moments as the days when "the dark cloud hovered."  I'm sure she was putting it mildly.  Just ask my husband, Paul.  

Mike and Michelle, you have made it look deceivingly effortless!  It was such a pleasure spending the evening with you and your girls down at the river.











(Amy McArthur Photography) Fri, 03 Jun 2016 15:48:59 GMT
Protecting Their Own  

This lovely couple moved to Almira about a year ago.

Being the small community that Almira is, people notice when someone new moves to town.  

Some friends of ours had moved away and were in the process of trying to sell their home.  


Now, in order to be fair to the citizens of this lovely town, Almira and its surrounding communities had been experiencing some home robberies.  

We were on high alert.

So, late one night, when lights were on in this "abandoned" home,  and a truck "suspiciously" parked in front, it should come as no surprise that the "locals" were alarmed.

Unbeknownst to this couple, the town was gathering up and deputizing a posse to make sure our dear friends home was safe and secure.  

The only problem was that no one knew that this couple had just purchased the home.  

Apparently word doesn't travel as fast as we thought.

Nothing says "Welcome to Almira," like showing up on your doorstep in the middle of the night with a semi-automatic AR-15!

Yes, we are that town.

On the bright side, despite the welcoming party, they decided to stay. Or, maybe it was because of the welcoming party they decided to stay.  

They are now part of the tribe.  And the tribe protects their own.  

Who wouldn't want to raise a family in a community like that?

PS. In case you are wondering, It wasn't me that showed up on their doorstep







(Amy McArthur Photography) Sun, 22 May 2016 05:35:52 GMT
Where the mosquitos live I've lived in Almira for the majority of my life; and about the time I begin to think I've seen and used up all the country side or worn buildings this area has to offer, a get to take pictures for a farmer.

A farmer with property way off the beaten path.  

And I discover some place new, and beautiful.

Every few minutes of our trek out in the middle of nowhere, the landscape changed, and I was once again in awe of the place I call home.

The one thing we didn't realize until we stepped out of the truck was that we had just entered the land of the mosquito!  

They were everywhere, and they were hungry.

 Poor Sam was bitten on her forehead instantly. She welted up faster than we could swat the darn thing.  One more reason to be thankful for photoshop. 

There was nothing we could do but forge ahead.  Swatting and smiling all at the same time.  

Needless to say, I came home with a memory card fuller than I have in a long time.  There was a lot of moving going on, but no complaining!

 I seriously love my clients.  Even more so, I just love my friends.

Sam is the Physicians Assistant to our family doctor.  A "gracious genius."  She has been so kind to me when I have my "crazy mom" moments. Validating my fears or talking me down with a rational argument.  She is such a gift to myself and our community.  

But don't let that innocent face trick you.  She and her husband are ruthless when it comes to game night.  Come prepared to fight hard for a win.  I have yet had an opportunity to taste sweet victory.  One of these days you two,  just you wait. 

I think that what is most fun about this family, is even in the midst of raising small children, they don't forget to sit down and have a fun at the table with friends.  Sure the game gets interrupted for countless snack requests, or to stop a mud war that is about to enter the house.  But that doesn't stop them. 

  These two Gifts of yours will be so thankful that you haven't forgotten how to have fun together.

Keep it up.

Thank you Sam and Jesse for yet another fun evening together.  And I'm so glad your parents decided to join in on the family fun also!

(Amy McArthur Photography) Fri, 13 May 2016 05:10:54 GMT
Preparing For Take-Off This lovely lady is about to leave the nest.

The first memory I have of Jocelyn was when she was three.  It was around Christmas time, and her parents had recently brought home a baby brother.  Among the Christmas decorations sat the nativity in their living room. Jocelyn began telling the Christmas Story, and when the three Wise men came on the scene, she had her own idea of what they had brought to give Jesus.  Along with the gold and frankincense that you and I remember them bringing, one of those guys had the fantastic and innovative idea of bringing sweet baby Jesus and his mother a breast pump.  

Even at such young age, Jocelyn was concerned for the health and nutrition of others!  So it comes as no surprise that she has chosen to focus her studies in nursing. 

After finishing up school this June, she will also have completed the courses required to be a certified nurses assistant.  

We rode together to the photography site, and while squinting thru the windshield, blinded by the gorgeous sunset, Jocelyn showed no fear by my somewhat questionable driving, and spoke excitedly of her future dreams and plans.  

I get excited when I see someone who has a goal and vision that steps outside of our normal plans.  This girl has a vision, as well as a plan.  And a huge part of it is leaving her family, to travel to Indonesia to continue her studies and get some life experiences, undoubtably, that will help shape her dreams for the future.

And these are some of the sweet faces she leaves behind.

Brothers and a sister that will miss her sweet presence. 

A mom and dad who will miss their first born, but will also find joy in watching her do what she believes she was created to do.  

Love God and love people. 


Congratulations Jocelyn!  


(Amy McArthur Photography) Fri, 29 Apr 2016 04:23:01 GMT
Sisters are Forever Smack dab in the middle of last-minute "Senior Season"  I had the pleasure of spending an evening with these three gems.


 These three have the birth order personality down to an art... at least this evening they did.  

Oldest-Reliable, Thoughtful and Cautious

Middle-Peacemaker, Independent and Resourceful

Youngest-Social, Outgoing and Ready for a party!

The youngest and my son are in pre-k together, so I took the opportunity to do a little detective work to see what he's like at school.

Apparently he's a "typical boy" who likes to take snacks from little girls!

He decided that it would be a good idea to bring some extra fruit snacks to school the next day to make up for it.  


I enjoyed every minute with these three.  They were all just a delight.  Good job mom and dad!


(Amy McArthur Photography) Thu, 28 Apr 2016 16:41:06 GMT
Its all about the BOYS These two, right here...

Know how to roll with it.

When you have three boys, five and under, you kind of have to!

In the time I spent with them, these three never stopped moving. Not once, not ever, not even for a moment.  

If their feet stopped moving, their hands would take over!

And if their hands stopped moving, you could guarantee their mouths kept right on going!  

There is never a dull moment watching "boys be boys."

Its been a lot of fun working with this family for the past few years.  

The last time I took their pictures, baby boy number three had not yet entered their world.  

He's quite the charmer.

Charlotte you are such a great "boy mom."  Just rolling with whatever gets thrown at you, even the crazy photo ideas, where you end up with bruises on your back and a stray dog in your lap!  

I just wish I had more to show for your bravery.

 I can almost bet that most days seem long, and bedtime can't come soon enough, but, I'm confident that in those long hours, you are making memories.  

Dirty, muddy, sweaty, stinky, loud and exhausting memories

Unforgettable memories.

Keep it up!  

They will have stories to tell!




(Amy McArthur Photography) Mon, 07 Mar 2016 07:44:17 GMT
Little Miss Fancy Yanci Many have prayed for this sweet baby...her mama was told that she would only live for an hour.  Yet, here she is, marching into her sixth month!

Jesus told us, that if we have the faith of a mustard seed, we can move mountains...

There have been times that this family prayed in faith and the mountains did not move.  

They have loved and they have lost.  

And when faced with the question of Yanci's fate, this family chose to believe and pray in faith, that God would take care of her. 

No matter the outcome.

 Once again, in faith, they asked for mountains to be moved. Knowing that if they weren't moved, Jesus would carry them over and thru.  

Sweet Yanci, Jesus has moved mountains for you from the moment you arrived.  And I believe He will continue to do so. 

From the top of your head to the tip of your toes,

you are a miracle of faith.

Faith: the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.

Against my better judgement, I asked if I could hold you the moment I first saw you.  Your mama was kind, and said, "yes."  We have both hoped and prayed for mountains to be moved...

And now you have an instant friend.  Maci might just be a tad bit jealous of your hair.  But she's got her toes for now, she'll get over it!


(Amy McArthur Photography) Thu, 03 Mar 2016 04:46:11 GMT
Saturday Morning, Coffee, and Delaney Anyone remember this cutie? 

She's a hard one to forget, and she's growing-up.

In the short time I spent with her, I had the equivalent of a cross fit work out... This girl does not stop!  Lets just be honest, I spent most the time looking at the cute curls on the back of her head.  

When I arrived on Saturday morning,  I was offered a latte'... I realize now, it was their subtle way of saying, "You have no idea what you are in for here. How about a little artificial energy for you."  I so much appreciated the friendly gesture.

After running around for nearly 30 minutes, I asked if she wanted to lay down on the grass and take a little rest. Surprisingly she agreed, camera ready, and in the 2.5 seconds she rested I was able to get a picture of her face... the first of the day!  Sweet success. 

Just enough time to give me hope for more.  

Thank you sweet girl for a fun morning work-out!  You are a gem, a mover and a shaker, and a real life picture of carpe diem!

(Amy McArthur Photography) Tue, 01 Mar 2016 22:33:18 GMT
For everything, there is a season.... For everything there is a season, a time for every activity under heaven...

...A time to cry and a time to laugh.

A time to grieve and a time to dance...


This is our season to dance. Meet Maci.

We are pretty much taken by her.

Even Piper has a hard time taking her eyes off the baby.

MeWords have failed me every time I've tried to sit and write.  It could be the lack of sleep or it could be that I just cannot put into words how thankful and overwhelmed I am by our little "gift" in Maci.  

In choosing her name, I knew I wanted something with meaning.  Maci means "gift of God,"  and that is exactly what she is to us.  Faith was chosen as her middle name because that's all we had to lean on most days.  Even when hope was hard to conjure up, it was faith that brought us along.  Faith that our prayers were being heard.  Faith that even though it was hard to see,  Jesus was carrying us thru our time of grief. I did not know what the outcome would be, but I knew He would carry us thru this journey until the end.  

Baby or not.  

A dear friend sent me this bracelet, when hope felt lost.  I hadn't yet told her that's exactly what I was struggling with most. Its probably why I love it so much. It will be keepsake; a reminder of the importance of openness in our struggle, the value of honesty even in the dark and ugly places of our hearts, and the immeasurable value of friendship.


I've said in past blogs or Facebook posts, that our journey to Maci, if nothing more, has made me aware and so much more sensitive to those who are in a season of waiting.  Waiting and hoping, waiting and disappointment, or waiting and fearing the worst.  Sensitive to the sheer fact that not everyone gets what they have been waiting for.  To those of you in this season, I continue to hold you close to my heart, and will whisper your names in prayer.  Jesus hears them, and is our advocate to the very Author of Life.  In Psalms, David reminds us that Jesus is close to those whose hearts are broken and rescues those whose spirits have been crushed. And again, he writes that every toss and turn thru sleepless nights...each tear cried and heartache felt is not forgotten by God.   He cares for us and is so very near in our darkest hours.    I have walked those dark hours, and have felt Him in the loneliest place. 

My husband Paul and I spent our sixth wedding anniversary in Sacred Heart Hospital.  We had just lost our 5th baby.  This was no place to celebrate.  Yet Jesus met us there.  In the loneliest place of our hearts, Jesus was near.  He was near in the tenderness of the doctor.  He was near in the way we had already had plans for our son to be with friends and away from the tears.  He was near in the calm of my husband.  Paul tenderly danced the dance of mourning with me, and in doing so, reminded me of all the reasons I fell so hard for him and said "I do" to forever.  I couldn't imagine walking this road without him. 

On our seventh anniversary, Paul gave me the necklace you see on Maci.  Those are the birthstones of babies we had hoped for and lost.  Its in the shape of a tear because we had to let them go. Paul is the optimist in our relationship and I thought it rather brave of him (almost jumping the gun) to get this gift as early as he did in my pregnancy with Maci.  It was as if he was saying, "Ok... we are done grieving now.  No more losses."  Regardless if that was his intention, this gift makes it clear that "they" are not forgotten.  

I don't believe God allowed all the miscarriages to teach me a lesson or restructure my idea of His goodness or to test my faithfulness to Him; even though it did all those things.   I don't even think that He allowed all those miscarriages so that we could ultimately have Maci... 

I believe we live in a world that isn't perfect. A world that has a whole lot of ugliness, pain, and sadness that we must endure.  While life is hard and can often feel as if He's somehow forgotten us...this is when, I believe, He is pursuing us the most. Sometimes, we can only see it looking back at our story.  In my darkest, ugliest, most painful storm, He pursued me.  Pursued me even when I cast the blame onto Him. 

One of the ways He pursues us all is by giving gifts.  Good gifts.  Like the gifts we want to give to our own children or those we love most. Gifts to remind us that even in the hard and ugly, there are reasons to celebrate.  

Our gift for today is Maci.  





(Amy McArthur Photography) Fri, 30 Oct 2015 02:41:50 GMT
Sisters My nieces are graduating High School this year!  That is extremely hard to believe.  I have adored them the moment they entered our world, the first to make my parents grandparents, my brother a dad, and me an aunt!  Family is such a gift...these two are no exception.  

Twins, a bond that is immediate and undeniably strong and unique.  This next chapter in life that they are about to open will provide an opportunity to embrace a new adventure; most likely apart from each other and others will see how distinctly unique they are.  Yet, parts of each other will shine thru, even when separated by miles, possibly even oceans.  


As gentle and compassionate as they come...always looking out for ways to serve others, encourage, and be a support.  

But, when you are her opponent, she is not afraid to let you lose on the court.


Quiet, and strong.  Passionate and ready to take on the challenge.  

Devoted.  Powerhouse.  

Kara and Brenna, I can't say enough about how proud I am to call you family. You both have grown into beautiful and amazing ladies.  You represent yourselves and your family well.  The choices you have made and continue to make are showing that you will tackle life (and all it has to dish out) with integrity and pure passion.  I will be fighting back tears this June as you collect your diplomas and move into a new season of life.  I hope you know that those tears will be more than just tears of a familiar and sweet end of a chapter, but they will be tears of anticipation from one proud Aunt, that is so very excited to see you choose and take on new adventures.  You will leave a beautiful mark on whatever you put your hearts and hands to. YOU WILL DO WELL!  YOU ARE DIFFERENCE MAKERS!   Much love to you both.   


Until June, I will be that loud annoying family member in the stands, (right next to your mother who, as it should be, has us all beat!)  cheering you on in your final seasons of Volleyball, Basketball, and Softball as an ACH Warriors!


PS. This was just a quick photo shoot to have some pictures for those deadlines.  Coming this spring a second adventure with the camera and these two!




(Amy McArthur Photography) Sun, 18 Oct 2015 00:33:11 GMT
An evening with the McCluskey Four I was so happy the weather held for this fun little photo shoot!  My evening with the McCluskey family was so relaxing and fun.  These two make parenting look easy-peasy!

A couple years ago, I met this cute six-year old.  He was an only child then, with a ton of energy and full of smiles.  I'd say he hasn't changed much except, now he's a big brother to this cutie... 

 ...and taking his big brother responsibilities pretty seriously.  Eager and ready to help!  

It sure is something how a little girl can steal your heart so quickly, as she did so easily with the family she was born into.  

Luke and Lindsey, it was so encouraging watching you two with both your children.  My almost fiver-year-old son is anxiously waiting the arrival of baby sister in a few weeks. Watching your little guy with his baby sister brought so much joy, thinking of the days that await us.  I may be calling you for advise, I just love how you love your family.


(Amy McArthur Photography) Mon, 07 Sep 2015 22:08:42 GMT
Senior Sessions... Always an Adventure! This session started in a cleaned out barn yard and ended up in the middle of a creek just this side of nowhere.  The Senior and his truck had planned on it, but eventually I found myself unexpectedly in the water!  It almost always happens this way.  Whether or not I volunteer myself to get in for the best shot, or it just happens because I tend to not look where I'm going, it seems that I eventually find myself immersed in water.  The camera somehow always stays dry!  Thankfully!  It does always lighten the mood.  Anything for a natural smile... even at my expense. 

Meet Dylan.  

Its been a while since its rained.  It really felt like living out the lyrics of all the great country songs that talk about kicking' up dust on an old dirt road.  It was good I wasn't driving... since we were the second truck in line, there were times we could hardly see a thing.  Not to mention any cows that had kicked up dust moving out of the way.  Once we reached the creek, Dylan and his dad came prepared to give the truck a quick wash.  Thats just one thing I love about Senior Sessions.  Parents are willing to do just about anything, to get the pictures that will represent their kids best.  This family is no exception, and we had a blast doing it.  

There have been times I think that I'm going to run out of creative options, spaces, and places to take pictures locally.  But I'm always proven wrong as soon as I step onto someone else's farm land or property and see someplace new again and again.  New to me, but familiar and "home" to them.  There is always a story and memories.  Seniors and their parents stepping thru time reliving stories that have brought them to this nostalgic season in life.  I love it. 

Dylan is at home here.  Having his picture taken may not be his absolute favorite thing to do, but you wouldn't know it.  When you put someone in a place that is home to them, they get comfortable. A sense of ease becomes natural and the forced expressions begin to fade.  Dylan has a laugh that is distinctly his.  I heard it when he was younger, and it was fun hearing it again; even if one of the times was at my expense after being submerged in the water.  Dylan is always looking for a good time and when he finds it, you know.  That laugh and smile is undeniably true and legit.  The picture below is my favorite.  Dylan is getting a good laugh out of watching his dad, Shawn, and my husband, Paul, try their best to give me the light I need.  I think Paul was about to fall off the ladder and Shawn was doing his best to keep him steady!

 Boys grow into men.  It means hard work and serious business.  But laughter and fun shouldn't get moved out of the equation. Dylan, keep smiling and enjoying what life brings you.  We need more of that in this world today.

Dylan, I had a blast.  Thanks for the adventure and all the laughs.  Enjoy your senior year and the rest that follow.  I'm fairly confident that you will. 


(Amy McArthur Photography) Fri, 04 Sep 2015 20:48:48 GMT
Life as we know it... I think what I love most about family sessions is this; you just never know what your going to get!  As a parent and photographer, I understand that there is absolutely no way to predict your child's attitude; one minute if feels like they've just been to Disneyland, and the next you have no idea what happened to set them off.  There is also the "nap factor."  Every parent has had a day when their "little bundle of joy" decided a nap was not necessary and so they refuse to have anything to do with the plans for the rest of the day.  Children are just plain unpredictable!  I know that, and I only have one!  

Shawna, mom of four, knows how to take it in strides and smile thru it.  I'm sure there are days she wants to pull out her hair or just crawl back into bed and say, "lets just try this again tomorrow."  But she really does just take it as it comes.  She married her high school sweetheart Matt, and the four cherubs you see here began to arrive not too long after.  They will be the young parents you see at their children's graduation, the ones you think, they aren't old enough to have a senior!  No, they were just smart.  My poor children will be saying "No, thats not my grandma, thats my mother."  

Meet the Baergens.  


The two older sisters just couldn't get much cuter, I really do think they actually love each other!  Always ready for the camera, arms around each other and ready with a smile.  The youngest cherub decided a nap wasn't necessary, as you'd expect on picture day, so we just rolled with the punches!  Literaly.  Just kidding, there was no punching involved.  But this little man sure does know how to make an evening exciting! 


I absolutely love the look on older brother's face.... Soooo many things going on inside that boys brain.  I'm sure one of them, was "do you think they could catch me in time from climbing up this 100 foot ladder?"  We probably couldn't.

I think this might describe the overall feeling of the night.  Big sister ready at a moments notice, while holding baby brother, who's wondering, "If there is a God out there, then why isn't he saving me from this!?"  While younger sister is doing her best to just hold it together and be a good example for the 3rd born who's just waiting for his first opportunity to dash. After all the park is just around the corner.  It would only take him 3.5 seconds to get there... on a slow day.

And, yes, we did make it to the park.

Even mom and dad had a chance to sit and "relax."

Thanks Matt and Shawna for a fun evening! Keep up the good, work, one of these days you will be able to take a nap!



(Amy McArthur Photography) Tue, 01 Sep 2015 03:31:22 GMT
A date with the Kings.

I first met Mr King and his son a few years ago at his office.  Rick is a Physical Therapist, and I was working on recovering from a car accident. His son Skylar, greeted me at the front desk, with the same grin you see here, and I immediately felt like I'd come to the right place.  It wasn't too long before I felt back to my old self with the help of this guy and his fun staff!  Not too long after my last visit at his office, I heard the news that he and his wife were expecting!  A surprise for the whole family.  The best kind of surprise; if you ask me. 

The picture above is 6 months ago.  Miss Delaney happened to be one of the most mellow 6 month-olds I've ever met. Working with Delaney and her mom was a breeze.

She is now an energetic one-year old that doesn't feel the need to slow down for anything, much less, the camera.  But we had a blast and managed to catch a few fun pictures in the midst of the "Great Chase."

I'd say she has just a TINY bit of personality.... just a tiny bit. 

See, hardly any at all.

And now, I come to Delaney's older sister Ciera.....

I had EVERY intention of Facebook stalking her, because I had not yet met her and forgot to ask her name in my last email. Trying to make sure I had all my professional bases covered, I realized I could easily track her down thru her dad's Facebook page...well I forgot.  Which in most cases would be ok, but my current physical condition also known as "pregnancy brain," has got at least 98% of my brain locked up.  Let's just say that I was fortunate enough to remember that I had a photo shoot that evening; so trying to remember the name of someone just introduced to me ended up being a bit more of a challenge.  She handled my name-mix up every single time with grace!  You would have thought by the 6th time I would have stopped trying.  Even on my final farewell I thought I'd had it locked in, but as soon as "Have a great night Sienna!" escaped my lips, I knew I had it wrong, yet again.  So Ciera, Ciera, Ciera, Ciera,  I love your name!  I'm sorry I butchered it!  Thank you for excusing my lack of memory, and handling it with grace.  Also, I love that sweet smile of yours.

Rick and Jaime, you look great!  I thoroughly enjoyed an evening with your family... minus the 100's of mosquito's we fought against.  Thank you for a beautiful evening!





(Amy McArthur Photography) Sat, 15 Aug 2015 00:15:00 GMT
Road trip with Chad Road trip, anyone?  

No, we didn't travel in this lovely time capsule,  it was just one of the treasures waiting for us at "Grandpa Combine's" farm.


I've had the privilege of knowing Chad and his family for several years.  In fact he was probably just tall enough to peak his eyes over that wooden table you see in this picture.  The red hair genes were passed down from his dad's side.  In fact, while browsing thru the pictures from our evening at the "car farm," I ran across one that stopped me for a moment, and I had to think, "wait, his dad wasn't there was he?"  

Its fun when you see not only physical qualities, but character qualities being passed down as well.   I know Chad's parents have worked hard to raise their kids intentionally.  They are parents worth watching closely.  The reason?  They worked purposefully with their kids when they were younger and are now starting to receive the rewards of seeing that character lived out.  Its hard work!  But, every chance I've had to visit with, sit with, work with, play with, and relax with their kids, I've thoroughly enjoyed myself.  Fun, polite, silly, sincere, unique and kind are all words that quickly come to mind when describing a Ross kid.  Chad, the oldest, leads the way with no exception.  He is an intelligent, detailed-oriented, and talented young man.  He's incredible with computers, or any electronics for that matter, but even greater than his talents...he's a person of character.

When we arrived at the car farm, (which also happens to be a "real farm," its just known by family and friends for the many, many, old cars that the family has enjoyed thru the generations) Chad and his mom led me thru the rows and rows of cars, relaying stories about them. They have antique Chevrolets lined up by the year. Others, in more random fashion, one filled with ash from Mt. St Helens.  There's an old shed, and within it, is parked an old Model T.  You couldn't help but imagine the times in which these cars were driven, but not just that, the memories made as a young child, running freely thru the rows of cars climbing in behind the steering wheels and heading off into places that only your imagination can take you.  A kid's playground, for sure. This is their traditional get-away to celebrate the 4th of July with cousins.  Oh the places they visited while staying within the boundaries of the Grandpa Combine's Car Farm.  

Grandpa Combine passed away a few years ago, but the family has so many memories of their times together at his place, and I believe will continue to do so.  They love being together, and clearly love times spent at this place.  

Chad, thanks for the tour. It was a fun road trip, literally and figuratively.  You have been a joy to watch grow. Thank you for letting me not just spend the day with you and your mom, but capture this moment in time that represents years of life treasures, memories made, that you will carry from this season into all the rest that follow.  


(Amy McArthur Photography) Thu, 13 Aug 2015 22:00:16 GMT
Stand Tall Logan Why is it that tall people quickly grab our our attention?  I'm married to a tall man,  He's 6'5".  I'm 5' 4"  Way back in in the 90's he helped me with my first successful basketball dunk. OK, my only successful basketball dunk.  He spotted friends in large crowds, while all I could see was peoples backs, or at best their heads. It took a while for my tall crush and I to finally take the plunge. Twelve years to be exact. But thats a story for another time.  

Back to my original question.  Why is it that tall people effortlessly grab our attention?

Maybe its because their sheer presence is hard to ignore.  A tall individual walks into the room and they are immediately set apart, defined, and noticed for this one quality.  Never mind the fact that those perfect fitting jeans are nearly impossible to find, they have something that most of us would like to have; a higher view to see the world from.  

Meet Logan.  

He's 6'7".  I'd say he stands a little bit taller than the majority of us.  

I wish I had a picture of myself standing next to him... If I'm lucky and sporting a high ponytail, maybe just maybe I would measure to mid-chest.  He's tall! 

I had a friend in elementary and middle school who was always tall for her age.  I remember her saying that people always expected her to act older and more mature than her actual age.  Always having to meet the visual expectation of the person adult or peer standing before her. I have a feeling most tall adults would have the same story about growing up.  If they choose to do so, they learn what it means to "stand tall" at an early age.  Something we all would like to be able to do, no matter what our last mark on the growth chart says.

"To stand tall is to behave in a brave, proud, or unyielding manner, without retreating from confrontation, danger or adversity."  This is just one of the definitions of this phrase.

I like it.  And I think it fits this guy pretty well.  

Logan is the youngest of three brothers.  Three tall brothers for that matter.  He's had to stand up, be brave, and defend!  Anyone who has older brothers knows what that might look like.  But even more so, I've seen Logan stand and defend, those needing someone to stand tall for them.  Logan stands for a lot of the good things that we want our sons to stand for and bravely protect.  He's  just a good kid.  Yes, a normal high school senior.  But, the Stand Tall spirit is strong in all he does.  

Logan, thank you for being a good role model, fun kid to watch grow up, and a happy face to see.  Keep standing tall sir and others will continue to look up to you, not just because we are forced to.... but because we will want to.  


(Amy McArthur Photography) Wed, 05 Aug 2015 20:30:14 GMT
Brother is here! I really don't have to say much.


Life is such a gift.  

Every now and then we need a little reminder.

Welcome to our world Caleb. Your family has been waiting for you.

(Amy McArthur Photography) Wed, 05 Aug 2015 07:01:51 GMT
Son of a Farmer  

When the farmers son graduates high school there are so many changes, for not just the son, but for the farmer as well.  What will the next few years bring?  Will he return to the farm after his college years?  Or will he choose to chase and follow dreams that have been cultivating since childhood?  Of course, it would be hard to leave all things familiar.  But, "what if..." 

In the short amount of time I've spent with Jamie and his parents, I discovered a parenting quality I hope to obtain during my parenting years; the simple quality of inspiration.  They have inspired Jamie to discover what "makes him tick,"  what challenges his thinking, to make him want to do and be more.  Dreams have been cultivated and opportunities have been presented to try his hand and mind at something new.  He's discovered strengths and abilities he might not have known had his parents not been willing to put in the time to inspire.   Jamie now has freedom to choose beyond the boarders of the family farm.  Who knows, his heart and mind may bring him back. But in the mean time, while he's working out his dreams, knowing he has a place to land and rest is a comforting thought. Not just for him, but for his parents as well.

I have no doubt that this senior will be enjoying his last year of high school, and his parents will be encouraging him to finish strong.  Not just from the sidelines, but right there in the center of it all. In the giving of the gift of inspiration they have given him the tools he needs to dream big AND finish strong.  They are a part of who he his, and who he will become.  Well done mom and dad.  

Enjoy your senior year Jamie.  Thanks for the opportunity to capture a few moments of this season for you. 



(Amy McArthur Photography) Sun, 26 Jul 2015 06:05:06 GMT
Miss Jenn

When you're the third and final sister to graduate high school, its kind of a big deal.  And the Bodeau family is no exception!  The whole family gets involved. Starting with Dad using his industrial "dust blower" to remove any excess dust off the tire, so that it looks just right.  A little bit of dirt, but not too much and you end up with this ...

... the cutest combine driver I've yet to see!

The next family member to get involved is Miss Kate. Give the girl a reflector and ask her to create a "gentle breeze".

I just wish I could have seen exactly what Miss Leha was doing, but she kept the smiles coming!

It doesn't get much cuter than this.

Miss Jenn, you're "totes adorb"  and I had an absolute blast with you and your family.  Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to catch these moments in life for you.  I will be praying that this final year of high school and time lived at home, before you spread those wings and fly, is filled with great memories of time spent with the ones you love most.  Take care sweet girl. 


Just a few more because I can't resist!

And a BIG THANK YOU to these two for joining in on the fun and keeping things crazy!

(a little blurry, settings weren't quite right, lets be honest I wasn't prepared to turn around and see a dirt face painting party happening, I mean would you?)



(Amy McArthur Photography) Tue, 21 Jul 2015 00:12:14 GMT
It's Always Nice When The Whole Family Gets Together The sweet Jenness family had baby brother just before the 4th of July weekend...

And boy is he a sweet one.

From the top of his head, to the tips of his toes.

Even the dog can't get enough of him!  But who can blame her?

Since baby brother arrived so close to the 4th of July, like many families, they decided to spend it together with their whole family.  I had the privilege of taking a few pictures to mark and remember this sweet season in life.  And, I think its safe to say that this couple loves their grandchildren. 


This fun-loving family made the long trek from Minnesota to be with everyone.  Thats what I call commitment!  And love. 

It really is always nice when the whole family can get together.  It would be nice if these kind of weekends came around more often.  Make the most of them when you can! 


(Amy McArthur Photography) Sun, 12 Jul 2015 05:08:33 GMT
I remember when I turned ten... I remember when I FINALLY reached the milestone of my age reaching the double-digits.  I was ridiculously excited about it, while I'm sure the whole time my mom was thinking, how in the world did this happen?!  

This is Miss Natalie at the very sweet age of four....

I've known Natalie all 10 years of her life, I'm not her mom, but I'm still thinking, "How in the world did this happen!?"    

Well, it did and it will continue to happen.  This is probably why I love photography so much.  Moments come and go so quickly, capturing them to last a life time helps hold onto those moments a bit longer.  (wiping away tears, thinking about my 4 year old...)  Moving on now!!!

We had a fun time capturing some moments before the sun went down.  

Needless to say getting a few 10 year old girls to smile and have fun in front of a camera is pretty much easy-peasy. If anyone knows how to have a good time its girls!  I'm sure the extra sugar they had about an hour previous to the photo shoot didn't hurt either. :-)  

Happy 10th Birthday Miss Natalie, we love you!  


(Amy McArthur Photography) Wed, 01 Jul 2015 05:55:47 GMT
Seibold Family: Waiting For Brother


My little sister is having a baby boy!  So naturally, Baby Scarlet, as she is kindly referred to, is going to be a BIG sister. This couple makes cute babies, so needless to say we are all looking forward to the arrival of Baby Boy Seibold, expected to make his appearance any day now... seriously, any day now. :-)


(Amy McArthur Photography) Sun, 28 Jun 2015 02:28:04 GMT
Jenness Family ​This is my second time working with the Jenness family, and I'm super excited to get to see them again this summer after they welcome their second little bundle of joy into this world!  Here are just a few fun moments from our fun evening together.

(Amy McArthur Photography) Sat, 13 Jun 2015 20:30:31 GMT