MORE THAN A DIGITAL FILE: Custom portraiture is much more than a digital file.  It is artistry that captures your family history.  When you hire me, you hire more than a camera.  You hire someone who provides a full-service experience that seeks to provide you with the right location, the right attire, and the right props; if needed.  Also post-shoot, I help in selecting the best images for print and provide quality artwork for your home that will last a lifetime. My mission is: 1) to offer the best, most personable service available, 2) to make the photoshoot as enjoyable as possible, and 3) to create memories that will be cherished for generations.  You can go anywhere for pictures, but when you work with me, you’re investing in an experience that tells the story of you and/or your family.

So the question remains...

CAN I BUY ONLY THE DIGITAL FILES?  Yes, you can buy the digital files, however, you must buy a collection first.  I have heard too many times, “I’ve been meaning to print our images but I’m just too busy,” or “Once I had the files, I had no idea what to do with them.” And unfortunately, the disk sits in your drawer, just waiting to be utilized.  And then life happens, the “to-do” lists mount, money becomes tight, and sadly you never see the return on your investment…the beautiful portraits for which you had hoped.  

By purchasing one of my collections, you are provided with portraits delivered right to you at a quality much higher than you will find at Costco or Walmart (I have examples!).  You will also receive the digital files of whatever you purchase, so if you do decide to go another route, you are free to do what you please.  But it is important to me that you have the highest quality possible for at least the portraits in the collection you choose. Every day I want you to walk by and see the beauty of what was captured during our time together; not just let it sit on a disk.  And, by buying a collection, I take care of the ordering so it’s less stuff on your “to-do” list.


I said earlier that I don't want digital disks to sit in your desk.  So, when you get portraits, I want you to have the very best in quality.  It may not be this extreme in every case, but on the left is a picture that you would get from Costco (Walmart would be similar) and on the right is an example that comes from my developer.  The comparison speaks for itself.